Brighton Into You

Jan 23, 2012     Posted under: Blog

As of the 14th of January 2012 I will be tattooing at the Brighton studio every other saturday….Contact the studio for details on 01273 710730

Here’s just a little taste of Into You Brighton, great place, great people!!!!

Annelie…one of our glamorous shop managers

cool piece of artwork

Jason…one of the bosses, also the guy who’s torturing me when tattooing my backpiece…doing a mighty fine job tho!

Some of Jasons artwork…acrylic on wood…huge,pretty impressive.


just a cool, slightly weird mask…

Also at the Brighton studio are Nikki, our other glamorous shop manager, and tattooing: Paula Converse, Adam Sage,Chris Higgins and of course Mr Alex Binnie….each with their own style, creating some amazing tattoos, check out the Brighton section of our website