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        The 2019 Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony Solemnly Held

        Revision:Xiong KeweiDate:2019/06/20

        On the morning of June 20th, the Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony of the 2019th Undergraduates of Central China Normal University was solemnly held in Youming Gymnasium. Chancellor Huang Xiaomei, President Zhao Lingyun, Vice President Peng Nansheng and Xia Lixin, Vice Chairman of University Council Qin Hong and Chen Houfeng, representatives of teachers, parents and alumni attended the ceremony.

        After reading out relative decisions on granting graduation and awarding degrees, the school leaders and teachers awarded bachelor's degrees to graduates and issued certificates to outstanding graduates.

        Retrospecting the four-year life in CCNU, Sun Jingzhu, representative of graduates from the School of Public Administration, said that led by the spirits of CCNU, they have cast off ignorance and matured into men of erudition and they have understood happiness and gratitude. In the new stage of their lives, they will stay true to themselves, be down-to-earth and fulfill their responsibilities and missions.

        Ding Qian, the representative of teachers from the School of Marxism, inspired graduates and said that the perseverance, morality, erudition, simplicity, determination and innovation endowed the graduates with courage and wisdom to overcome adversity and make innovations to achieve a wonderful life.


        Representatives of alumni and parents counted expectations on graduates respectively. “We should pursue lifelong learning and make learning ability the patron saint of us. We should shoulder the responsibility of the times and strive to compose a magnificent chapter in the new journey of socialist modernization.”

        In the afternoon, the Graduate Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony was held in Youming Gymnasium.

        Hu Hao, a PhD graduate from the College of Physical Science and Technology stated that accumulation is the fulcrum of a long journey, and struggle is the praise of youth. No matter where they go in the future, CCNU will always be the home. For Master's Graduates Song Chenrui, from the School of Fine Arts, CCNU provided chances for him to make contributions to China’s national defense.

        In the afternoon, the Graduate Graduation Ceremony and Degree Awarding Ceremony was held in Youming Gymnasium.

        Doctoral Supervisor Wu Qi from the School of History and Culture, on behalf of Supervisors, made mutual encouragement through three topics. He hoped that graduates would be good learners and good thinkers throughout their lives, adhering to the great love and the fortitude of CCNUer, "Give back to the best CCNU with the best of us."

        Zhao Lingyun congratulated all the 2019th graduates on completing their studies. “Only when a drop of water flows to the sea can it acquire eternal existence; only when a person is integrated into the nation and the country can one find the true value of life.” He believed that graduates should take the graduation as a starting point, take on new missions and work hard with passion. The solemn ceremony illuminated the graduates with the spirit of “loyalty, erudition, simplicity and fortitude”. Zhao Lingyun anticipated that those who are going afar would carry forward the spirit of CCNU and lighten others.

        In order to promote the construction of the "CCNU + Alumni" development community and the common development of alumni and CCNU, 161 graduates and 113 master’s graduates were selected as liaison ambassadors for the 2019th alumni to strengthen solidarity and cohesion of alumni.

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