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        Current Position: Home > Campus Services > Supermarkets
        Campus Services

        On Campus


        West Pedlars' Market

        Groceries (Fruits& Vegetables& Print& ID photo)

        Location: The basement level of the Boya Canteen

        Jiaoyu Supermarket(Manjianghong Supermarket)

        Groceries& Medicine in addition

        Business hour: 8:00am-9:50pm

        Location: The 3rd floor of the Boya Canteen


        Xuezi Supermarket

        Business hour: 8:00am-9:30pm

        Location: The western part of Xuezi Canteen

        East Shopping Plaza

        ID photo& Groceries & optical shops & electronics

        Location: Beside Lincan B Dorm

        Off Campus

        Wushang Supermarket

        A GMSGeneral Merchandise Store

        Business hour: 8:00am-9:30pm

        Location: 500 meters east from the North Gate

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