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        Campus Services
        Contact CCNU

        Contact number

        Department Contact numbers
        Admissions office

        Tel:0086-27-67865209, 67865602


        Institution office

        Tel:0086-27-67861894, 67865527


        Student support office



            Address: NO.152 Luoyu Road,Wuhan 430079,Hubei,P.R.China



        How to get to the campus

        From Wuhan Railway Station


        From Tianhe Airport

        First take the bus of the airport to the Fujia Bo Station, and then transfer to the bus No. 804,510,590,518, 806. All these can bring you to CCNU. And also, you can take a taxi there directly, which will cost you less than RMB10.




        From Wuchang Railway Station

        If you start from wuchang Railway Station, you can take No. 901, 518, 66 or 538 bus, and get off at Guangbu Tun Bus Station, then you can arrive at the front gate of CCNU.



        From Hankou Railway Station


        If you start from Hankou Railway Station, you can take No. 536 or 724 bus and get off at Guangbu Tun Station, and then you can arrive at the front gate of CCNU.





        University Map



          ccnu University Map


        Airport pick-up serivce

        Central China Normal University has authorized China University Application Center (CUAC) to provide airport pick-up services to all our international students.

        How to book the service

        Step 1: Book the service and complete the payment 3 days in advance before your departure date to China.
        Step 2: Provide us with your arrival date and flight information after your booking is completed.
        Step 3: When arriving at the airport, please find a CUAC representative who will be holding a Welcome board with a CUAC logo, confirm your identity with him/her.
        Step 4: Please find us before the bus is due to leave and it will take you directly to the University.
        Step 5: When arriving the University, you will be guided to complete your registration and directed to your accommodation.
        Step 6: CUAC staff will help with hotel booking for late arrivals in the evening and thus the registration will be guided within next day.

        Contact Information:

        • Email : ccnu@at0086.com

        • Cell phone: 0086 18971414059

        • Tel: 0086-27-8744 6102



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