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        Current Position: Home > Campus Services > Campus Shuttle Bus Schedule
        Campus Services
        Campus Shuttle Bus Schedule

        Ticket: 1 yuan/person

        Service Time: 7:0022:00


        The North Gate      The South Gate

        Doctoral Supervisors’ residenceNo.8 Teaching Building

        No.3 Teaching Building the West Gate- Boyayuan Dining Hall- Youming Sports StadiumManagement Cadres Training Centrethe South Gate(Physical Education Department, Continuing Education Department, Higher Vocational College)

        The North Gate    The East Gate     Xuezi Dining Hall

        Tian Jiabing Teaching BuildingNo.9 Teaching BuildingNo.6 Teaching BuildingNo.7 Teaching BuildingNo.10 Teaching

        BuildingScience Hall-Building of ChemistryGuiyuan Hotelthe East GateStudent Recreation CenterMusic Hall

        Graduate DepartmentXue Zi Dining Hall

        The East Gate    The South Gate

        The East GateQingyuanchun Dining HallStudent Recreation Centerthe South Gate-School for Management Cadres

        The South Gate


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